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Cheap airline tickets to phoenix - Korean air flight tracker.

Cheap Airline Tickets To Phoenix

cheap airline tickets to phoenix

    airline tickets
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Maricopa County Courthouse (Phoenix, Arizona)

Maricopa County Courthouse (Phoenix, Arizona)

This excellent structure was built in 1928-29 by the City of Phoenix and Maricopa County. It doesn't look like it from the outside, but it was actually built as two separate structures. The west wing was originally built as the Phoenix City Hall by a different architectural firm than the firm that designed the rest of the building. The county courthouse part was designed by Louisiana architect Edward F. Neild. The city hall portion was designed by Phoenix firm Lescher and Mahoney. It was built in Classical Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles with amazing terra-cotta Art Deco detail work. I'm not certain of its present county court uses, but I know that it still functions as a county building. The west wing, however, is no longer used as Phoenix's city hall and the interior of the old city hall wing has been linked to the courthouse part.

This is the front, or north facing side of this courthouse. The sky scraper across the street makes for some interesting lighting due to the reflection from its windows onto the surface of this courthouse.

cheap airline tickets to phoenix

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